Check Mates Wine Club

Unlike other ‘clubs’, The Check Mates membership allows you to select your own curated pack or as I like to call it ‘choose your own adventure’. Here at Pawn HQ I don’t mind that you might think some of my children are ugly and you want to personally select your wine itinerary. Like all well thought-of moves, you can change your selection at anytime, or if you don’t like drinking wine anymore (WTF), you can exit whenever you wish.

All the wines are delivered by Australia Post with love to your door, or window, or office, or car or wherever you like.

It’s a wine club for those who (sometimes) break the rules and don’t necessarily follow the leader, support the little guys who are battling against the corporate giants. Here at Pawn HQ      ( population 1 + dog) I like to make moves  on my own terms, here’s your chance to join me, become a mate and enjoy some smashable booze.    TK

Here’s how it works

Choose Your own Adventure with options to customise how many bottles and how often you receive them.

Simply click on your Pawnfolio selection, choose how often you want to have Pawn delivered to your door, and away you go.

Choose Your Own Adventure – Pick and choose what you want – when you want

Privileges of joining The Pawnfolio

Every new member receives:

  • A pawn Baseball Cap which must be worn at all time
  • Stickers, who does not love stickers
  • Random acts of kindness from me – like museum release wines
  • Up to 20% discount on online purchases‡.
  • Free shipping Australia wide.
  • Click here to view our FAQ page

‡ Discount is dependent on the pack and frequency selected on sign-up
* Member have the option to cancel or suspend their subscription at any time

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